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Freshwater Shrimp

Product Name: Freshwater Shrimp
Product Origin: Asia
Detailed Product Description:
Freshwater shrimp (Macrobrachium Rosenbergii)

• Raw Headon Shellon with Claw
• Raw Headon Shellon without Claw
• Raw Headless Shellon
• Raw Headless Shellon Easy Peel
• Raw PUD Tail-off

1/2 to 16/20 pcs/lb
1/2 to 16/20 pcs/lb
u/5 to 41/50 pcs/lb
u/5 to 41/50 pcs/lb
13/15 to 51/60 pcs/lb

MOQ: 1 container (20~40"FCL)

PS. Please kaindly advise information:

1. Product's sepcification

2. Quantity

3. Port destination

4. Contact information (inculding email)


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